Thank you

Thank you so much for ALL that you have helped me with over the years. I truly appreciate your style and approach. And I am sincerely without regret from choosing you. Though not feeling quite adequate, I offer genuine thanks.


I was very fortunate

I was very fortunate to have Brent Hankins as my attorney in a personal injury case that had many challenging issues. His legal knowledge and expertise was invaluable in dealing with the insurance company. I recieved the monetary compensation I asked for and it was settled without going to court.

-Joseph Shirley

Fellow cyclist

After being struck by a car while riding my bike, I quickly discovered I was ignorant of the system and needed help dealing with the insurance company, doctors and legal ramifications. Brent Hankins walked me through this system, answered all my questions, ensured I got the proper medical treatments and made sure I received a fair settlement. As a fellow cyclist Brent was able to understand and take care of everything after I was struck by a car. I highly recommend him to anyone who needs help.

-Jeff Seese