What to Do After an Accident

What to do if you are considering a personal injury lawsuit Kansas City

If you are the victim of an accident or personal injury, there are certain legal actions to seek and avoid to increase your chances of a positive legal outcome. The nature of your injury will dictate the appropriate response. If you have received a bodily injury, first and foremost, seek the medical attention you need from a doctor you trust. It is imperative that you speak with your physician as soon as possible to get a medical record of your injuries.

Please note, there is no substitute for speaking directly with a qualified Kansas City personal injury attorney about your injury. Do not use the content of this website as legal advice.

Short Term:

Seek medical advice as soon as possible. Ask your doctor/care provider to keep a detailed description of the initial injury and all treatments. Take pictures of the injury. Make sure to follow up on any medical advice given by your doctor to prove you are committed to treating your injury, and make it clear you have done everything in your power to treat your illness.

Don’t exaggerate your claims. Tell the responsible party you are planning to file a personal injury lawsuit. This constitutes as notification of a personal injury lawsuit and prevents the responsible parties from stalling. One is not legally bound to follow through with the lawsuit, so it is always safer to tell someone you plan on filing a lawsuit.

Collect evidence at the scene of the incident, no matter how minor or severe the injury appears. Some injuries take days, weeks, or months to manifest. For example, the pain from soft tissue damage caused by whiplash can arise weeks after the accident. Do not admit fault for the injury. Whether the injury is physical, emotional or mental, you’ll want to collect as much information about the incident as possible. Take photographs of the area and/or bodily injuries. Interview witnesses, collect their contact information and keep detailed notes of everything discussed. Keep a personal journal of everything that occurs once the injury occurs.

Give no recorded statement to the insurance company, claim adjustors or company representatives. Instead, hire a personal injury attorney. Recorded statements can be used against you in while trying to settle or in court. You are not required by law to give a claim adjustor a recorded statement. Responsible parties alongside insurance companies will try to mitigate your claim and minimize the money they owe you! You've already been injured once, so don’t help them take away what you are legally and rightfully due for the pain and suffering you face.

Do not post anything on social media. Information about your injury, or personal life, can help the people responsible mitigate your claim.

Request FMLA time (Family Medical Leave Act) from your employer if your injury is preventing you from properly performing your job.

Contact a trustworthy and experienced personal injury lawyer. Act quickly, as there are different statues of limitations depending on the location and nature of the injury. Contact the Law Office of Brent Hankins for a free consultation.

Long Term:

Keep a detailed record of all things that occur after the accident that may be considered damages. This includes keeping a detailed record of medical bills, pain or lost wages.

Continue all medical treatment prescribed by your doctor/care provider.

Do not post anything on social media. Information about your injury or personal life can help the people responsible mitigate your claim or compensation.

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