Missouri Statute of Limitations

Missouri Civil Statute of Limitations – Personal Injury Claims

Each State has its own time limits for the filing of civil lawsuits, commonly known as a statute of limitations. These are different from criminal statutes of limitations and apply to personal injury claims and lawsuits as well as workers’ compensation cases. Where the civil personal injury statute of limitations begins also differs between states. Depending on the nature of your accident or injury, your lawsuit could be tossed out if the statute of limitations has been reached. It is important that you speak with a Kansas City personal injury attorney immediately to discuss which state your injury falls in, as well as what sort of time frame you have to work with to have your lawsuit heard in civil court.

In the state of Missouri, a plaintiff has up to two years to file a lawsuit for defamation, medical malpractice, or other personal injury lawsuit. There is a 10-year maximum allowed for the discovery of an injury, thus changing the nature of the statute of limitations for your personal injury lawsuit. Because the discovery of an injury can be debated in court, speaking with a Kansas City personal injury lawyer about your injury or accident is imperative. Do not hesitate, please contact my office for a free consultation about your personal injury.

Below is a general list of statute of limitations and links to their respective laws in the State of Missouri. Please note, state laws change drastically, and the information on this site may be outdated since the time of it’s writing. Also, the nature of your injury and it’s discovery can play a significant role.

It is EXTREMELY important that you speak with a Kansas City personal injury attorney about your personal injury to determine the statute of limitations for your personal injury lawsuit.

  • Injury to a Person 2 Years – §516.140

  • Medical Malpractice 2 Years from Discovery, Maximum of 10 Years – §516.105

A complete list of Missouri’s Revised Statutes can be found here.

If you have suffered an accident, personal injury, or medical malpractice, do not attempt to represent yourself in court. Contact a qualified Kansas City personal injury lawyer to discuss your statute of limitations and potentiality for a personal injury lawsuit. I have practiced personal injury law in both Kansas and Missouri for over 20 years and offer a complimentary consultation into your personal injury case. Contact my office or email me.