Bicycling in Kansas City

General Bicycling Information

Kansas City is a bicycling-friendly city. Now, more than ever, people are using bicycles for business, commuting, exercising and leisure. Kansas City has already implemented a network of designated bicycle lanes with bike boxes, designated lanes, and sharrows. Plans for increasing bicycle lanes in Kansas City are already underway. As bicycles continue to gain popularity in Kansas City, the rate of bicycle accidents and bicycle violations will increase. Additionally, Kansas City’s growing population will give rise to more people sharing the street. Potential bicycling accidents might occur with:

  • City and State Vehicles (Buses, utility trucks, emergency vehicles, construction crews)
  • Company vehicles (trailer trucks, taxis, UBER drivers, utility trucks, vans)
  • Civilian drivers
  • Kansas City’s Public Bicycle Share System B-Cycle
  • The Kansas City Street Car
  • Other bicyclers
  • Pedestrians

Every cyclist in Kansas City should be aware of certain legal facts. Bicycling statutes are subject to change, and cyclist should keep themselves informed on the most updated versions of their local bicycle laws. Because the Kansas City Metro spans two states, the law can change depending upon the location.

More information about bicycle statutes in Missouri can be found through the Missouri Department of Transportation’s website. More information about bicycle statutes in Kansas can be found at the Kansas Department of Transportation’s website .