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The severity of severe and catastrophic injuries should not be understated. Personal injury damages can have lasting impacts on your career, life and happiness. If you have been physically, mentally, or emotionally damaged by the wrongdoing or neglect of others you, need an ethical, qualified and experienced Kansas City personal injury lawyer to work in your best interests and deliver the justice you rightfully deserve. Contact the Law Office of R. Brent Hankins for a free consultation.

Please consult my personal injury frequently asked questions page for some basic insights into personal injury law. Please note that the content of this website is not a substitution for professional legal advice. You should always consult with a personal injury lawyer in person if you have any questions regarding a personal injury lawsuit in Kansas City.

If you are the victim of a personal injury, you want the Law Office of R. Brent Hankins fighting for you. Speaking as the firm's principal attorney, I can tell you that I have practiced in Kansas City as a personal injury attorney for over 20 years, helping clients navigate the difficult and challenging legal reality of living in a metropolitan area that encompasses two states, and thus, two sets of laws. Fortunately, I am extremely knowledgeable and experienced in handling such complications in municipal, state and federal courts in both Kansas and Missouri.

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If you have been injured, you need a personal injury attorney to construct strong legal arguments and arrange for evidence and medical records to be shown in court effectively. For this reason, I am dedicated to adhering to strict ethical standards, never exaggerating claims, but pursuing the maximum compensation as defined by the laws of the Kansas, Missouri, and federal courts. I have successfully represented a wealth of personal injury cases including car accidents, tractor-trailer accidents, inattentive drivers, bicycle injuries, drunk drivers, careless property owners, workplace injuries, workplace illness and medical malpractice. My law office, located in Kansas City’s Crossroads District, provides a centralized location for the citizens of the Kansas City metropolitan area, on both the Kansas and Missouri sides. My presence in Kansas City for more than two decades makes me knowledgeable on the personal injury statutes in the region and the intricacies of the relationship between the laws in Kansas and Missouri.

Tort (sometimes delict) laws are both expansive and subtle. When you are seeking justice after a personal injury, you need a personal injury lawyer who will work thoroughly on your case, pursue all possible legal routes, and fight for rightful compensation. To ensure this happens, I am committed to properly interviewing prospective clients, evaluating their particular circumstance to determine the best legal strategy, identifying any misconduct of the accused, and doing the research to construct a winning legal strategy. This includes aggressively advocating for my clients throughout the entire legal process, from giving legal advice to delivering oral arguments, and organizing evidence and witnesses. Whether your Kansas City personal injury lawsuit ends in settlement or court, I am well prepared to defend your rights.

Personal Injury Practice Areas

Accidents & Related Personal Injury

  • Automobile Accidents
  • Back and Neck Injuries
  • Brain Injuries
  • Burn Injuries
  • Premises Liability
  • Serious & Catastrophic Injuries
  • Whiplash Injury

Automobile Accidents & Related Personal Injury

  • Automobile Accidents
  • Bicycle Accidents
  • Motorcycle Accidents
  • Pedestrian Accidents
  • Semi-Truck Accidents

Medical Malpractice Personal Injury

  • ER & Hospital Negligence
  • Prescription Errors & Negligence
  • Nursing Home Abuse

Back and Neck Injuries

Spinal injuries can occur through auto accidents, truck accidents, construction site accidents, or through slip and fall injuries. You should immediately contact your doctor or physician if you or a loved one has been involved in a spinal cord injury. Spinal injuries can be temporary, but the lasting effects can be unknown, and compensation to you might fall short of the actual price of treatment throughout your lifetime. I am experienced in these types of injury cases, and I am aware of the hidden costs and fees that your compensation may fall short on covering. After being properly assessed by a doctor or physician, you should contact a personal injury attorney with knowledge and winning experience with spinal cord-related personal injury cases.

Brain Injuries

Traumatic brain injury is often the result of severe impact to one's head, whether intentional or an accident. Brain injuries can be expensive to treat, much less even diagnose in a patient, and compensation for brain-related injuries likewise can be misappropriated. If you believe or even suspect that you are entitled to proper compensation for your brain injury, contact me to discuss your rights and compensation on your behalf.

Burn Injuries

Victims of severe burn accidents and injuries not only undergo painful and expensive doctor and specialist visits, but oftentimes require several years of medical treatment, therapy, and cosmetic surgery. Compensation for burn accidents is essential, and my firm is experienced with acquiring an appropriate amount of compensation on behalf of my clients. If you have been involved with or under-compensated for a burn injury, or if you have been involved in a burn accident, contact my firm immediately to discuss your legal options.

Premises Liability

When involved in a slip and fall injury on private or public property, it is important to know who is responsible for the hazard, as well as to determine the existence and amount of negligence involved. Understanding the factors involved, in addition to injuries sustained in the accident, should be your number one priority when consulting a personal injury lawyer about you slip and fall or premise liability case. Even if you don’t know who is at fault, consulting with a personal injury attorney is important to determine the extent of negligence and the cause of fault.

Serious & Catastrophic Injuries 

Serious and catastrophic injuries are life-changing for those involved. Brain damage, spinal injury, amputation, severe burns, paralysis, and other types of injuries change the victim's life drastically and are usually permanent in nature. Life-long sufferers should not have to pay for the negligence of others. As a personal injury lawyer, I am dedicated to ensuring his clients receive the maximum compensation they are allowed.

Whiplash Injury

Whiplash is the most common form of neck injury in automobile accidents. This type of soft-tissue injury is not usually felt immediately but follows a few days after the accident. Symptoms of whiplash usually fade away after two to four weeks. However, some victims experience pain and discomfort for months or even years. If you or a loved one have suffered whiplash from an accident, speak with me to discuss legal recourse and compensation.

Automobile Accident

A serious or catastrophic automobile accident can be devastating for all parties involved. Even if you don’t feel pain immediately, consulting a doctor and determining damage is the first precaution to avoiding years of pain and thousands of dollars later down the road. As a Kansas City personal injury attorney, I am here to help you. No matter the severity of the accident, if you feel that you are due compensation in an automobile accident, contact me immediately to discuss your legal options and projected compensation.

Bicycle Injury Attorney

An avid cycling enthusiast myself, I go the extra mile for clients suffering from injury or a loved one's death due to bicycle accidents. Kansas City and Overland Park are both expanding bicycling lanes and creating a bicycle-friendly landscape, but the threat of injury or death due to driver inattentiveness, texting-and-driving, alcohol-induced accidents, and mistakes by drivers are still very real. If you or a loved one have suffered personal injury or death in a bicycle-related accident, please contact the Law Offices of R. Brent Hankins today to discuss your legal options and recourse.

Motorcycle Accidents

Motorcycle accidents are an unfortunate reality on Kansas City streets and highways. Too often, another driver’s mistakes cause serious and catastrophic injury to responsible bikers, no matter how many safety precautions bikers might take. Many motorcyclists don’t know what to do when injured or involved in an accident and don’t contact a qualified personal injury lawyer about their case. It is important that if you are involved or injured in a motorcycle accident in Kansas City to seek both a physician as well as a motorcycle personal injury lawyer.

Pedestrian Accidents

When automobiles don’t respect the rights of pedestrians, and vice-versa, serious injury or even death can occur. The thin line between a several-ton transport vehicle and a death machine is crossed all-too-often through driver negligence caused by texting, cell phone use, alcohol and drug use, and more. If you’ve been injured as a pedestrian, it is imperative that you contact a personal injury attorney immediately to ensure that you can receive the compensation you are entitled to.

Semi-Truck Accidents

Semi-truck accidents can be devastating for those involved and usually involve complicated insurance company claims, the totaling of one's car or truck, and serious personal injury. Oftentimes, semi-truck drivers can be fatigued or overworked due to trucking company deadlines and long hours. If you or a loved one have been involved in a semi-truck accident, call my office immediately so we can discuss your legal options and recourse.

ER & Hospital Negligence

Emergency rooms and hospitals are stressful but are still required to follow the rules and procedures in the healthcare field. Injuries to you or a loved one stemming from physician and nurse negligence, carelessness, lack of proper skills, or simply ignoring the rules can cause injury and accidents within the emergency room or hospital. If you have been injured due to suspected ER and hospital negligence, contact me today to discuss your legal options and the compensation you are due.

Prescription Errors & Negligence

Prescription drug use is common throughout the medical field, and when properly administered by a qualified physician can be essential to maintaining your health. Despite this, through negligence and medical malpractice, a physician or caretaker may accidentally prescribe or administer the wrong medication or amount. The result can be sustained injury, pain, or even death for some individuals. If you believe that you are a victim of negligence involving prescription drugs, contact the Law Offices of R. Brent Hankins immediately to discuss options and the pursuit of compensation for your injuries.

Nursing Home Abuse

Employees of nursing homes have a professional duty to both prevent injury and provide care to their patients. Many victims don’t believe they are entitled to compensation for nursing home abuse and negligence, but the truth is those injured and damaged by mismanaged care in nursing homes are entitled to compensation. Contact the Law Offices of R. Brent Hankins immediately if you suspect that you or a loved one is a victim of past or ongoing nursing home abuse and negligence.

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Personal injury can include damage to your body, mind, and emotional well-being. If you have been injured by another person, a company, a government agency, or any other entity, you might be due compensation. No matter how minor or severe your injury, you should consult with a personal injury attorney to discuss your rights, your statute of limitations, and your legal recourse. Act quickly, as statues of limitations may prevent your case from being heard. Contact the Law Offices of R. Brent Hankins for a free consultation.